Schedule Overview

Training Seminar Overview (Sept 27-Sept 29)

Looking for your schedule for the leadership training portion (Sept 27-29)?

District Governors: DG Schedule | DG Partners: Partner DG Schedule
District Governor Elects: DGE Schedule | DGE Partners: Partner DGE Schedule
District Governor Nominees: DGN Schedule | DGN Partners: Partner DGN Schedule
Emerging Leaders: EL Schedule

Impact Summit Overview (Sept 29-Oct 2)

  • Impact Summit Day 1

    Thursday, September 29

  • Impact Summit Day 2

    Friday, September 30

  • Impact Summit Day 3

    Saturday, October 1

  • Impact Summit Day 4

    Sunday, October 2

  • COL Update; Finance: Dues Update; Impact of Economy and Investments; Strategic Plan Update

  • Regionalization/Pilot; Updates from BOD; Update on RI & Ukraine; Q&A with Senior Leaders

  • Parade of Flags, United States; Welcome from RID Jeremy Hurst, Host; District 7620 DG Sean McAlister, and Baltimore Mayor Brandon Scott; Meet Your DGE’s; RIPN Stephanie Urchick; PRIP Barry Rassin: Imagine the Impossible - You Can Make it Possible

  • Welcome Governor Larry Hogan; Zebu Jilani, Founder, Chair & President of the Swat Relief Initiative; Tonya Hatosy-Stier, Woman to Woman Mentoring; Dan Quinn: “Study Steps”

  • RI General Secretary John Hewko; Michael Nyenhuis, Pres. & CEO UNICEF; Ryan Rowe, Exec Director, HANWASH Patricia Bao, Senior Officer, UN Global Fund

  • The Baltimore Hons; Jeffrey Kluger, Author and Editor at Large, Time Magazine; TRF Trustee Aziz Memon: Polio - We Are Close!

  • Thandeka Tutu-Gxashe, CEO, Desmond Tutu Tutudesk Campaign Centre; Giselle Holder, Rotaract-arian; RID Jeremy Hurst & Hannah Shin, RI Interact Advisory Council

  • Rotary International President Jennifer Jones

  • RI President Jennifer Jones; RI Gen Secretary John Hewko; Thandeka Tutu-Gxashe, Michael Nyenhuis; Jeffrey Kluger; Zebu Jilani

  • Morning Inspiration: Dr. Orlando Allen Wilson; A Celebration of Lives Well Lived, PDG Tom Wagner; End Polio Now! PRID Robert Hall; Making a Difference in the Ukraine, DGE John Tabor, IPP James Joeriman, RC of Lviv; The State of Rotary RI Gen Secretary John Hewko; On to Melbourne! PDG Patrick Eakes and PDG Gary Gunter; Zone Summit Virtual Breakouts PDG Marcy Ullom; 2023 Zone Summit Promo; Closing Remarks RID Jeremy Hurst

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What to Wear

The Dress Code is Rotary Casual which we describe as slacks and collared shirt for men and dress, skirt, slacks for ladies. There is no formal function, or themed or costume dress requirement this year. Gentlemen may wish to wear a jacket for the Opening Session, but it is optional.

Remember that hotels are notoriously either cold or hot, so bringing a sweater or jacket to layer is a good idea.